Pragmatism Kills In the Long Run

The early church was filled with the Holy Ghost, faith, and boldness. They were public witnesses to the death, resurrection, and salvation of Jesus Christ! They proclaimed the gospel in the public space. A building was not central to their mission. A building may have been a means to accomplish their mission, which any candid observer would realize the stark difference. Where there was no building, the mission was still very alive! The early church was not trying to build a seeker friendly atmosphere. The early church was trying to show people their sins, their moral responsibility, the trajectory of their eternity, the wrath of God abiding on sinners, and the Savior as their only hope. This was all done in the face of mockery and persecution! Though the devil attempted to snuff them out, the gospel spread all the more powerfully! Read more
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The Plan to Save America

By Trevor Mills

Even while it was more than twenty years old, the horrifying statistic made his blood turn cold. Every week seventy-two churches are closed in North America. Roughly ten close every day. Fewer than three are planted Read more

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Love Triumphs Over Hate

By Erik Samborski

I saw a sign, concerning the election, “Love Triumphs Over Hate.” The word “love” was rainbow colored, probably speaking of the LGBTQ group. I assume that sign was supposed to be a message to vote for Read more

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There will be a blog soon!

Soon enough there will be articles posted here!

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