I'm ordained with the Pilgrim Holiness Church of NY Inc. We are working under their home missions department to spread the gospel and plant churches. 

My Wife, 5 children, and I moved here in December of 2019. We did not know anyone nor did we have a church building. We moved in simple obedience to God's direction to minister the gospel on the streets, in houses, coffee shops, on the radio and internet. We are making disciples and gathering together to worship Jesus!

My family and I long to see rough sinners converted. We long to create and be a part of a community of sold out disciples of Jesus Christ that are like family. We want to share our lives together and be an active part in building up the kingdom of God by the direction and in the power of the Holy Spirit!

Currently, we worship in our home on Sunday mornings 11am until the Lord opens another door. We conduct street meetings in the Wilkes-Barre, PA Public Square every Thursday at 5:30pm and Sunday at 4 pm. Click on the ministry tab for more.

We are looking to lead souls to Christ, disciple them, train leaders, and recapture the borders of God's Kingdom starting in Wilkes-Barre and spreading elsewhere!